Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Awesome offer: Free baby leg warmers, only pay shipping

Baby leg warmers are such a cool invention. They are priceless when your child is an infant — pop a onesie on her, and a pair of leg warmers, and she's fully dressed. It makes diaper changing a breeze. For older babies, they serve to protect those little knees from bruising and damage as they learn to crawl.

They continue to be useful even after your baby is no longer a baby. They are priceless during potty training, for sure. No pants, no problem, but legs can get cold. And the beauty is, there are no zippers or elastic to get in the way of an emergency potty visit.

Also, my 3-year-old daughter recently wore some under a dress (the bee-colored "leggings" pictured here are Baby Legs). They can also be worn on the arms, even well into their school age years.

I've seen a promo code for Baby Leggings posted multiple times, so I wanted to pass it along. The company said that the code will be good "while supplies last." When that will be, nobody knows, but getting five pairs of leg warmers for around $13 is a great deal. So hurry up and grab you some if you're interested.

From the Baby Leggings Facebook page:


Check out our amazing offer! A promo code for 5 FREE pairs of Baby Leggings-a $50 value! Choose from 70+ different styles! To claim this exclusive offer go to and use the promo code 'FACEBOOK'

Thanks Baby Leggings! These would also make great stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers on your Christmas list. 

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