Friday, November 1, 2013

A Doctor Who Halloween

Happy Halloween from my girls who, along with myself and an older son, are huge Doctor Who fans. I was happy they wanted to dress up as characters from the show. My 10-year-old girl chose to represent the 11th Doctor, and my 3-year-old girl wanted to be a Dalek. The Doctor costume took some work to find, but with a lucky thrift store find (a slightly-too-big jacket for $6), a bow tie from JC Penney and a fez we found at Spirit Halloween, it came together nicely.

The Dalek costume, however, was a bit more work. It involved part of a pattern of a dress I've made a dozen or so times before, about 35-40 yards of tulle (for real), two rolls of ribbon, a dozen craft styrofoam balls and cotton fabric and pins to cover them with.

I had initially wanted to talk her out of the idea — I wasn't sure I had the time nor the inclination to create such a costume. She's been into Harry Potter lately, but she wasn't interested in being Hermione Granger, which would have been far easier to assemble. However, she insisted, and over the course of two days, I did it. I'm glad that she never wavered and I didn't refuse.

They really didn't spend a lot of time posing for photos, but I got a few that hopefully represents the time and dedication it took to pull these off. They had a good time trick-or-treating and it was adorable watching my little Dalek become so excited every time someone gave her a handful of candy. She has a lot of food allergies so I had to pare down her selection quite a bit but she was extremely happy overall.

I can't wait to see what they come up with next year!

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